The Lennox Foundation annually funds its own scholarship program, the Lennox Scholars. Each year ten graduating seniors are selected from Red River County graduates for this honor. A four year scholarship is awarded to each Lennox Scholar, contingent on meeting certain GPA requirements. The scholars are selected by an independent committee and recommended to the Lennox Foundation.


Also, annually, one graduate of Paris High School in Paris, Texas is selected as the Hardy Moore Scholar and is awarded a four year scholarship by the Lennox Foundation. Hardy Moore was the long time legal advisor to the Lennox family and this scholarship is annually provided in his honor.


Because of long time family connections with Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, including four generations of family serving on its board of directors, the Lennox Foundation regularly contributes to endowed scholarship funds established by the Lennox family and Lennox Foundation.


Since the Lennox Foundation funds its own scholarship program, it does not contribute to other foundations or non-profit organizations for scholarship purposes.


The Lennox Foundation has also made grants annually to the school districts of Red River County for various purposes (often technology) to support elementary, middle and high schools in Red River County.


The Lennox Foundation is open to applications for projects that improve access to educational opportunities in Red River County.


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