Land and Nature Preservation

During their lifetimes, Martha, David and Bagby Lennox recognized the need to preserve natural resources in Red River County. They donated timberlands identified as the Lennox Woods, located north of Clarksville, Texas, to the Nature Conservancy of Texas. The Lennox Foundation has continued the support given by the Lennox siblings for land and nature preservation. Past contributions from the Lennox Foundation to the Nature Conservancy has allowed additional lands to be acquired to protect the watershed around the Lennox Woods.


More recent contributions have helped to develop the Northeast Texas Trail, a “Rails to Trails” project, through the eastern half of Lamar County. This contemplates development of a bicycle and hiking trail over the former railroad line. The Foundation anticipates additional funding to extend this trail through Red River County.


The Lennox Foundation is open to applications for projects that contribute to land and nature preservation in Red River County and contiguous counties.

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